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  01.   Theatre International: (Vols. - I, II, III) East-West Perspectives on Drama, Eds:  Amitava Roy, Christopher Innes, Dattatreya Dutt, Peter Von Becker et al., each Vol. Rs. 300/- (Hb)  
  02.   King Lear: An Existentialist Approach, by Jagannath Chakraborty, Rs. 200/- (Hb)  
  03.   Shakespeare & Keats, by S. C. Sengupta, Rs. 15/- (Flexi board)  
  04.   Shakespeare in the Media: 1947-1997, by Lipika Sikdar, Rs. 250/- (Hb), Rs.100/- (Pb)  
  05.   Kolkata, 4 May, by Brecht-Feuchtwanger, (in Bengali translation) Rs. 50/- (Hb)  
  06.   Perspectives on Brecht-Feuchtwanger’s Kolkata 4 May, Ed by Amitava Roy and Peter Plischka, Rs.200/- (Hb)  
  07.   Everyman: A Morality, Rs. 25/- (Pb)  
  08.   Encyclopaedia of British Indologists, by Gopal Ch. Sarkar, Rs. 250/- (Hb) and Rs. 75/- (Pb)  
  09.   Buddhadeb Unrehearsed: Memories, Dreams, Reflections: Film, Poetry, Art and Life, Buddhadeb Dasgupta in Conversation with Arupratan Ghosh & Amitava Roy, Rs. 100/- (Flexi board)  
  10.   Four Indo-Anglian Poets, by Santosh Kr. Chakraborty, Rs. 200/- (Hb)  
  11.   Dhangshastupa: Selected Fictions, by Arupratan Basu (in Bengali), Rs. 40/- (Hb)  
  12.   Romancing the Strange: The Fiction of Kunal Basu, Critical Essays on The Opium Clerk & The Miniaturist, Eds: Subir Dhar, Amitava Roy, D. N. Banerjee, Rs. 250/- (Pb) Rs. 400/- (Hb)  
  13.   Look Back In Anger: Avantgarde Perspectives on Osborne, Ed by Amitava Roy & Arnab Ray, Rs. 200/- (Pb)  
  14.   Duniyar Dalit Kobita, Eds: Roy, Bandopadhyay & Chakraborty, Rs. 30/- (Pb)  
  15.   Australiar Kobita, Eds: Roy, Bandopadhyay, Chattopadhyay, Rs. 50/- (Pb)  
  16.   Colonial and Post-Colonial Shakespeare (Papers, World Shakespeare Conference, Kolkata 2000), Eds: Amitava Roy, Krishna Sen, Debnarayan Bandopadhyay et al., Rs. 400/- (Flexi board)  
  17.   Bangla Anubade Chorus, Eds: Amitava Roy, D. N. Bandopadhyay Rs.75/- (Pb)  
  18.   J. M. Synge, by Benoy Kr. Bandopadhyay, Rs. 200/- (Hb) & Rs. 60/- (Pb)  
  19.   Baraker Bhasha Sangramer Kobita: Revolutionary Protest Poems of Bengali Language Movement in Assam, (in English translation), Rs. 35/- (Pb)>  
  20.   Richard Wright’s Men: Condemned to be Free, by Sona Roy, Rs. 70/- (Pb)
  21.   Burning Bright (on Blake’s poetry), by Subir Dhar, Rs. 150/- (Hb) Rs. 90/- (Pb)
  22.   Critical Approaches to Shakespeare, by Suva Basu, Rs. 20/- (Pb)
  23.   The World of Shakespeare’s Troilus & Cressida and It’s Inhabitants, by Dr. Akram H. Mollah, Rs. 75/- (Pb)
  24.   Existentialism: A Handbook, by Papia Mitra, Rs. 300/- (Hb) Rs. 150/- (Pb)
  25.   Oedipous Tyrannos, by Dattatreya Dutt, Rs. 150/- (Pb)
  26.   Ajker Amerikar Kobita, Eds: Roy, Banerjee et al., Rs. 50/- (Pb)
  27.   Ajker Canadar Kobita, Eds: Roy, Banerjee & Chakraborty, Rs.50/- (Pb)
  28   Avantgarde Perspectives on Ray Lawler’s Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, (2nd edition) by Amitava Roy, Rs. 100/- (Pb)
  29.   Rabindranath’s Gitanjali (in English translation), by Dr. Asish Paul, Rs. 300/- (Hb) Rs. 200/- (Pb)
  30.   Ichchhe Tithir Galpa (translation of Twelfth Night), by Dattatreya Dutt, Rs. 60/- (Pb)
  31.   Australian Literature: Themes and Issues, Eds: Banerjee, Roy, Chakraborty, Rs.100/- (Pb)
  32.   Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot By Tapu Biswas, Rs. 400/- (Hb)
  33.   Modern Bengali in English Eds: Amitava Roy et al. Rs. 50/-(Hb)
  34.   Plowman in Darkness (A Study of Blake’s Lyrical Poems ) By Debasish Chattopadhyay Rs. 120/- (Pb),
Rs. 150/- (Hb)
  35.   Shakespeare in Bengali Translation (1852-2007)By Ranu Pramanik Rs. 120/-(Flexiback)  
  36.   Shakespearer Sonnet Ed. Amitava Roy Rs 100/- (Pb)
  37.   Reading Fiction Essays on the American Novel, By Ashok Sengupta, Rs.200(Hb)
  38.   William Golding’s Lord of the Flies: A Critical Guide, By Papia Mitra. Rs. 70/-
  39.   De-Scribings: Semiotics, Literature, Cultural Studies By Subir Dhar, Rs. 120/-(Hb) Rs. 80/- (Pb)
  40.   From Modern to Early Modern: Essays in Literary Criticism By Moon Moon Mazumdar Rs.150(Hb)  
  41.   Indian Responses to Western "Theatre of The Absurd" in two volumes by Dr. Tapu Biswas. (Vol-I pub in 2010 and vol-II pub in 2011); Price: Rs.400/- each vol.  
  42.   Rabindranath Tagore's Passage of Time (Kaler Jatra) Translated by Manju Dutta Gupte. Published 2011. Price:Rs.150/-  
  43.   Introducing Greek Tragedy by Nirmal Banerjee, Pub. 2012. Price Rs.100/-  
  44.   Black Oral Poetic Traditions and the Beginnings of Caribbean Literary Consciousness by Pinky Isha. Pub. 2012. Price Rs.250/-  
  45.   Critical Approaches to Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. By Dr. Sourin Guha. Published 2012. Price:Rs.400/-  
  46.   Bratya Basu, Hemlat The Prince of Garanhata; Edited and translated into English from the original Bengali with Annotations, Commentary and Introductory Essays by Amitava Roy, Tapu Biswas, Suchandra Ghosh. Pub. 2012, Price Rs.400/-.  
  47.   Theatre International, East-West Perrspectives on Theatre; Shakespeare Special Number, Vol: V eds. Tapu Biswas, Amitava Roy, Subir Dhar. Pub. 2012. Price: Rs.400/-.  
  48.   Theatre International, East-West Perrspectives on Theatre; Shakespeare Special Number, Vol: VI eds. Amitava Roy, R. N, Rai, Subir Dhar, Tapu Biswas. Pub. 2013. Price: Rs.400/-.  
  49.   Till Death Do Us Part (an Indo-English Novel). By Upasona Banerjee. Pub. 2013. Price: Rs.250/-.  
  50.   International Journal for Culture Studies and Social Sciences (a leading academic-intellectual Journal on the Global scene). By Bryan Reynolds, Emi Hamana, Antony Johae, Amitava Roy, Subir Dhar, Tapu Biswas et al. Pub. 2014. Price: Rs.400/-.  
  51.   Hamlet for Web - Click Here  
  52.   King Lear for Web - Click Here  
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